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Ronald Reuel, late Knight of the Summer Court: Donald Sutherland.     Fantasy casting Jim Butcher's "Dresden Files."

Donald SUTHERLAND (b. [] Active since 1962 > Born Donald McNichol Sutherland 17 July 1935 Canada > Nationality: Canadian > Spouses: Lois Hardwick div); Francine Racette (m.

Donald Sutherland I could listen to him speak all day.

Donald McNichol Sutherland OC July - I was so in love with him when I first saw Ordinary People!

Sean Connery... is it sad if I liked him best as a Dragon? I guess I'll marry his voice as well.

Sean Connery Obsession Level: My Scottish Love! So, when I found out Sean Connery was Sir Sean Connery, it only made him .