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Japanese architecture - modern/classic blend
10 moderne und luxuriöse Innenschwimmbäder
Original caption: The Dunmore Pineapple House in Scotland. Doc's Caption: search the Dunmore Pineapple house in Google. Go ahead, I'll wait....see? It only takes a simple search to realize how gullible people are and how impossible this building would be. Photoshop level: 3 for the blending of the random building into the rock.
Dieses Baumhaus lässt Kindheitsträume wahr werden
Lantern Night in Taiwan (TravelPlans: Visit countries that may not exist in 10-20 years. ex. Taiwan [China], Palestine [Israel], Haiti [DR or US Territory?] & Kiribati, +more)
I was just here two months ago...Jioufen, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Japanese room, Washitsu 和室 I feel calmness just looking at this photo.  Imagine if this were your everyday view!