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An extremely rare narwhal skull with double tusks. There are only about 10 other bones like this in the world. Narwhals are a rare arctic whale. It is challenging enough to see one with one tusk. It is almost an impossibility to actually catch one with two tusks.  Biologists estimate that there are only 1 in every 1000 Narwhal who actually have a double tusk. They are uncertain of why this phenomenon exists. They are even more uncertain why these sword like tusks occur on the whale.

rare narwhal skull with double tusks. Narwhals, a rare variety of arctic whale, are known for their long singular tusks - biologists estimate that double tusks only occur in one in a thousand narwhals; they are uncertain why this phenomenon exists.


These "walrus skulls" are each carved from a single elephant tusk and sold to naive collectors.

Warlus Skull / Cráneo de Morsa

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Silky Starling Bird Skull 8x10

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2-headed calf skull

Aside from a human skulls dream skull is a two headed calf or two headed anything lol