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Tabassum Nisha - Google+

Tabassum Nisha - Google+

Half sider budgie , very rare and born sterile.

Halfsider - Twinzy is a "half sider" budgerigar, the characteristics of a blue bird on one side and a green bird on the other, even his tail feathers are split down the middle!

cute little bird in his nest on a branch with what looks like a leaf for an umbrella in case of rain.

Bumble bee hummingbird

The smallest hummingbird, Bee Hummingbird or Zunzuncito (Mellisuga helenae), is a species of hummingbird that is endemic to Cuba and Isla de la Juventud. Wikipedia says it grows to cm and is not only the smallest hummingbird, but its also the

FLAMINGO CARIBENHO (Phoenicopterus ruber) é uma grande espécie do flamingo estreitamente relacionado ao maior flamingo existente que vive região do Chile.

Baby Flamingo - A Caribbean flamingo chick's feathers are mostly white. The typical flamingo pink color comes from their food and collects in their feathers as they grow up. In the wild, they get color from shrimp and krill,

Splendid Sass: GRAY LOVE

Waxwings and pinecones taken in Yellowstone, Montana USA. - by Mario Davalos P.

This glittering gem of a bird is the Sparkling Violetear (Colibri coruscans) most common species of hummingbird in its range.

Violet-Earred Hummingbird This is the first time I've seen the "ears" they refer to on hummers.

Snowy Owl © 2013 Sheen’s Nature Photography - I remember seeing one of these quite often as a kid, in the winter in Western NY state.

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Funny pictures about The Real Angry Bird. Oh, and cool pics about The Real Angry Bird. Also, The Real Angry Bird photos.

"Koekoek  -  Kleine Karekiet  by eddie meynen, via 500px" -  Per knowledgeable naturalist Pin-friend Jean-Daniel Christin: "young common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) fed by a Reed Warbler." - I never knew before that birds may feed others that are not their own offspring. Wow! I love learning new things. [Double-pinning with cuckoos and with warblers.]

Good example of the result of nest parasitism. Koekoek - Kleine Karekiet by eddie meynen, via

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