I love this artist. The texture and detail are amazing.

Garden of Rose Hip Delights by Kirsten’s Fabric Art (aunatural)

Rose Hips Small 2 by Kirsten Chursinoff, via Flickr #embroideryt #needle work #@Af's 27/4/13

Rose Hips Small 2 by Kirsten Chursinoff,

Fennel Blossoms 4    3” x 4 ¼”  9" x 11" framed

Fennel Blossoms 4 by Kirsten's Fabric Art,Complementary yellow and violet/purple.

Makes me think of Autumn

I ❤ art quilts . Made of over 100 pieces of fabric. I machine stitched them to the cotton canvas with free-motion embroidery. The star shapes are meant to be a pattern of floating seeds. The silhouettes, are mainly machine stitched, but the tips are h

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Art quilt embellished with buttons, beads and zippers- "Circles of Black, Circles of White by Nancy Smeltzer at Fiber Fantasies.

Jellyfish 35 by Kirsten Chursinoff - check out the rest of her work, it's amazing!

Kirsten Chursinoff Jellyfish, with gelatinous bodies and twisting tentacles, continue to call to me from the deep emerald sea. x 6 ½” x framed