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Wild Youth - Last Punk In Town

Wild Youth - Last Punk In Town

WE ARE THE POISON YOUTH get more only on http://freefacebookcovers.net

you little pop fandoms who claim you are superior to the rock and pink kids- watch out, because we are back and we will be remembered for centuries

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth

I've got a t shirt with this pic of Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Think this is an Ovation Magnum bass. It's totally badass

YBC in a nutshell Credit: @maemae267

YBC in a nutshell Credit: i'm laughing. it's so absurd, i love it

Blink-182... when I was about 13 I thought Tom Delonge was the best looking guy to walk the earth. Cool man, so cool

Blink-182 Manifesto

Punk. This is ridiculously and unessesarily sexy..

Nate just fixed his belt as the Sam heard the front door being slammed shut.", they heard Stiles scream loudly, obviously throwing a fit about whatever supernatural problem he had again.

Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman - This song totally reminds me of my youth.  Can remember it playing on my mom's radio.

ELO's greatest song (better than my previous posted ELO song, telephone lines) DISCLAIMER: No Copyright Infringement Intended.


Top Ten Most Influential Women in Rock and Punk

"DREAMS" - (With Lyrics) - STEVIE NICKS (Fleetwood Mac) - Miss Stevie! Everything that is Stevie = Goddess! The style, the voice, the soul, the aura, the songwriter.love her soul!