Winter is Coming! This is the first part of the planned Winter's Advent sale, I'll be posting a flatsale later this week after the auction ends. In case you wanted something to look forward to~ RUL...

Rare Couvere custom commissioned by Dracobby! This was wonderful to do, I'm pleased with the result. Couvere Species Project by Sheylu and&nbs.

Various Griffins by on @deviantART

From Owl to Kestrel, Hawk and black fire-breathing Phoenix Griffin. Various Griffins

Wondering how owl griffins and bears might get along? They’d have their differences, but they’d get over it.

aninklingofinklings asked you: This is kind of random, but I was wondering how owl griffins and bears might get along. They’d have their differences, but they’

Loki and the Owl Griffin by RobtheDoodler Don't know weather or not to put this in ART or Loki board ?

Собираю вещи, вдохновлявшие меня 2-3 года назад, хочу посмотреть на сумму моих идентификаций вот один из любимых tumblr художников Robert Alicea: напоминает…

“ asked you: From what I can tell, your owl griffon is a barn owl crossed with either a cougar or some type of housecat (the ears have me confused IDK). have you ever considered other owl/feline mixtures? ” I didn’t have any specific cat in.