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amazing puppy

30 Amazing Dog And Puppy Facts To Share With Kids [PICTURES

How much does a English Bulldog puppy cost? Click the picture to find out - I think a better question is, How much is an English Bulldog worth, MILLIONS!

How Much Heavy Lifting can a Paint Colour Handle?

How Much Heavy Lifting can a Paint Colour Handle

please someone help me! my baby puppy needs help! lol so cute!

Cute Boston Terrier pup. I want another boston baby!!!!!!

This is a great pic of a Boston Terrier puppy. He looks so sweet. PP: We will be having some registered Boston Terrier puppies soon! Mom and dad are both red and white Bostons. Should be ready for Christmas!

Icche c'è

Baby, bulldog, bare bums and bath time. Photo by Ominous Clouds' Bruce

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Cute Emergency on

puppy with its mom This might be the pup's adopted mom! Mom is an English bulldog and baby is a French bulldog. Both breeds are the best in the world and these are exquisite examples of each by the way!

Adorable 5 x 7 English Bulldog Father's Day Card. Featuring 4 bulldogs looking toward you wishing you a Happy Father's Day. Inside of card is left blank so you may add your own sentiment once it arrives.

White Tiger diving for food...not sure how they got this shot but pretty awesome

A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !

30 Adorable Dogs Sleeping in the Most Awkward Positions - BlazePress

30 Adorable Dogs Sleeping in the Most Awkward Positions

Its obviously a hard life being a loved pet, because these dogs are so tired they just fall asleep anywhere. Here are 30 adorable dogs who have fallen asleep