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Hempcrete, alternative building material from sustainable source - cannabis sativa plant. I am curious about this, hemp-derived products seem to be popping up everywhere from skincare, to clothing, and now construction materials!

Hempcrete is a natural building material with excellent qualities. It is breathable and has exceptional thermal performance.

Using Hemp in Construction - Green Homes

Using Hemp in Construction: Hempcrete is a Natural Building Material with Excellent Qualities

Building industry embraces hemp-based concrete | News.com.au

INDUSTRIAL hemp, widely applauded for its unrivalled green credentials, is emerging with a bright future in the building industry.

The Growth of Hemp Lime as a Natural Building Method - A description of hemp lime, or hempcrete construction. | The Last Straw

The Growth of Hemp Lime as a Natural Building Method - The Last Straw Journal

Home built using Hempcrete, a mixture of hemp, lime, and water. Green building to the max!

First “PassivHaus” and “Platinum LEED” certified Hempcrete home, located in Asheville, NC.

Building with Hemp Part 1/2 a green building technique being used in the UK.

Building with Hemp Part builders in the UK experiment with hemp construction pioneered in France. For Hawaii, could bamboo frames work instead of Douglas Fir?

Каннабис Строительство: Предприниматели Использование конопли для дома потенциала - The New York Times

Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building

Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building - The New York Times

#Hemp not #Trees.  Not only can Hemp basically produce anything timber can, but in most cases it's more durable and sustainable.

Our goal is to spread Hemp Cannabis awareness. Hemp can change our industrial world for the better. This plant is more durable and sustainable.

Hempcrete- concrete alternative building material with a negative carbon footprint, and excellent insulation properties

It is made from the leftover stalks of hemp plants mixed with lime. This amazing product actually has a Negative carbon footprint since it continually draws out of the air. It is lightweight and will not crack or mold. by graciela