I knew about sock buns because my sister is in the military but this application looks much better than the super uptight version she needed to use.

The Sock Bun Is Your Hair’s New Best Friend (VIDEO)

Does your bun need a boost? Add some heft to it with this super simple and easy sock bun hair-do as demonstrated by Mr. Check out more hair and beauty .

dutch braids with bun  ...I really am amazed by how she makes the bun...I don't think I can do that...I will need a sock!

dutch braids with bun .I really am amazed by how she makes the bun.I will need a sock!

Typewriter Artist Creates Prints One Line at a Time

Typewriter Artist Creates Ink Prints One Line at a Time

Fashion Illustration by Dani Moura for La Estampa's collection

Fashion illustrations developed for La Estampa's prints collection, inspired on the streets of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn.


Illustrator Nykie Ngan’s latest project “celebrates the unseen of the everyday”

createcreatively:    Foglie 01, Abigail Doan (2006) #collage #leaf #botanical

Foglie 01 - mixed media collage by Abigail Doan - All of the foglia images incorporate recycled papers and fabrics, scans of urban street graffiti, and actual dried leaves that are layered and woven into the construction of the final image.