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Anta Ny

The Anta Ny is a small, fascinating pendant light with cutting edge LED technology. These and many other lamps of Anta you find in our Online Store.

Anta Ny

Anta Ny Pendelleuchten im Designleuchten-Shop Wunschlicht online kaufen

Anta Ny Light Series

Anta Ny luminaire family in our shop

Florian Schulz Onos Pendelleuchte

Florian Schulz Onos Pendelleuchte

Catellani & Smith Stchu-Moon 02 60 gold high-volt

The Catellani & Smith Stchu-Moon 02 40 is the smallest pendant lamp with a shade in a semicircular shape. As lamps are used one low- or high- voltage halogen lamp. Our online shop offers more Catellani & Smith lights.

Florian Schulz Onos 40 Pendant

The Florian Schulz Onos 40 Straight Pull comes with a lampshade as well as an integrated anti-glare ring out of metal.

Catellani & Smith Ciclocina Tavolo

The Catellani & Smith Ciclocina Tavolo distinguished by the bicycle headlight, which serves as a light source. The table lamp has a height of about 40 cm, depending on how the flexible arm is adjusted. Our online store contains Catellani & Smith lights.

Florian Schulz Tes

Florian Schulz Tes table lamps at bedside lamps online shop

Catellani & Smith Malagola 100 Blattgold

The Catellani & Smith Malagola 100 is the larger of two pendant lamps of this series made of aluminum. The screen has a length of 110 cm and is covered with gold leaf, copper or silver leaf. Our online store contains more Catellani & Smith lights.

Catellani & Smith Freno Leuchtenserie

The Catellani & Smith Freno Terra is a floor lamp with a flexible joint on the lampshade. In our online shop you can find Catellani & Smith lights.