Fluttershy Mucha Style - I really love this character, she's cute <3

alphonse mucha, fluttershy, friendship is magic, my little pony ~ I love this mix of mucha and pony! My Little Pony,

Wow, I never made this connection (except I did know the Pinkie pie and Discord one) Personally I don't see how Chrysalis is corrupted honesty and how Sombra is corrupted kindness; sure, they are the opposite of honesty and kindness but not "corrupted" but that's just me :) Tireck was the opposite of generosity :) He took the magic, free-will, energy & hope from the entire population of Equestria.

my little pony <-- Season villain, Lord Tirek, was corrupted generosity. He was greedy, which is the opposite of generous.

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