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Sew Many Ways...: Pinterest Help...Editing Your Boards

Sew Many Ways...: Pinterest Help...Editing Your Boards


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How to use Pinterest to optimize your Profile, website, blog, and other optimization tips.  This link includes the code (please give credit to the blogger), and how to instructions.  Great idea for those of you who blog!  @My Itchy Travel Feet @Woodhouse Timber Frame @Centre Sky Architecture______ Jamie Daugaard, aia, leed ap @Montana Fly @Locati Architects @Log & Timber  Homes

Quick Guide To Pinterest Images [Infographic]

Info on Scams & other Pinterest news ~  good link to follow

If you have a passion for great website content you will appreciate our info!

This is SO important! How to clean up your Pinterest boards pin now, read later

Have you ever clicked a "pin" only to have it go nowhere? {long distance loving}: it's time to clean up pins making sure they link to original sources.