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Leverage. This whole group! They should be animated, because they are too awesome to be real.

From left to right: Elliot (hitter), Parker (thief), Nate (mastermind), Sophie (grifter), and Hardison (hacker).

Leverage is the best show on TV

TNT Cancels ‘Leverage’ After Five Seasons, Creator Says ‘It’s A Bittersweet Goodbye’

Ahhh, their first con...:)

Nat (Timothy Hutton),Sophia (Gina Bellman),Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane ) and Hardison (Adis Hodge)-Screencap from Leverage The Nigerian Job-Added by Leverage

my gifs Leverage Eliot Spencer parker Alec Hardison hardison/parker/eliot

mine The Leverage Eliot Spencer Christian Kane parker Alec Hardison The Zanzibar Marketplace Job Nate Ford the boy hits like a mack truck parker and hardison's faces tho


Still of Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf in Leverage

Parker and Hardison: leverage - Google Search

I love Beth Riesgraf as Parker and Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison in TNT's Leverage. Harker is the cutest couple ever.

Leverage + text posts

"All I want them to know definitively is that I have perfect winged liner and lipstick as red as the blood of my enemies" 😂

"Oh I'm gonna die!" Leverage. Hardison and Eliot.

"Oh I'm gonna die! Hardison and Eliot. I personallu am a fan of percussive maintenance.


Leverage - Promo shot of Gina Bellman, Timothy Hutton, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf & Aldis Hodge