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17 Fun Text Emoticons So You Can Stop Shrugging All the Time

Stunning Fantasy Illustrations by Jason Chan

Stunning Fantasy Illustrations by Jason Chan This looks like the cover for the Prince of Thorns

Yog-Sothoth by Orm-Z-Gor on DeviantArt

illustration to Lovecraft's short story The Dunwich Horror art for Black Temple Below Yog-Sothoth

Adam Hughes!

Chris Birch, Modiphius is raising funds for Achtung! Cthulhu - The Keeper's & Investigator's Guides on Kickstarter! A terrifying World War Two setting for the Call of Cthulhu & Savage Worlds roleplaying games. The Secret War has begun!

Monster+Brides  Artist:+Dan+Brereton    Format:+Giclée+Art+Print  Dimensions:+12"+x+17"  Markings:+Signed+

Lily Munster, Morticia Addams, Bride of Frankenstein by Dan Brereton

What wonderments does the Autumn Archive of Sleepytown hold?

Necronomicon by Marc Simonetti The magic in old books is electrifying!

Lovecraft ==  You did what?   You are confused as  to whether  the  goats go on the grill before  of  after the screaming kids  finish calculating their variables?   Hmm...  nope. not  enough. you are still not allowed to drag your  screaming  humans through Amherst. Every.   What did Biddy Martin make a mistake in doing  and why is Daniel not pleased with what she  did?

Edgar allan poe essay titles i am writing a compare and contrast essay on edgar allan poe's short-story THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, i am comparing it with the 1961 movie, starring vincent

102 Cuentos de HP Lovecraft

Y si hacemos top a H.P lovecraft?

John Kenn Mortensen (Donn Kenn) draws terrifying/awesome pictures of monsters on sticky notes. So reminiscent of Edward Gorey.