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Here we are (once again) finishing off the month with a map of the series creating a massive undercity. The goal is to produce a large set of maps that interconnect to produce something akin to, bu…

My Private Jakalla – Map 1F

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Emberpike Hall

Commercial Maps

Obscenities have taken over where noble men once battled against the oppression of the Kale empire. Something is said to have entered into Emberpike Hold’s water supply, hidden deep within Em…

Fire Giant lair.  Level three part two.

This hi-res battle map is one of five that were originally created for the adventure Hall of the Fire Giant King from issue of Dungeon Magazine

Deep inside the Shard Mountain and beneath a towering spire are the dungeons and the halls that once acted as the entrance to the great tower. Now the bridge connecting the inner halls to th…

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dungeon-a-066-wh-b.jpg (1229×1578)

dungeon-a-066-wh-b.jpg (1229×1578)

A variety of map designs for tabletop board games and fantasy adventure game settings.

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