Here’s a final shot of my x oil painting “Coleoptera”. She will be on the wall for purchase at the Auguste Clown show!

Amazing Digital Animations by Mikael Gustafsson - UltraLinx

Amazing Digital Animations by Mikael Gustafsson


Un post de imagenes largas... pasa capo...

One of My Favourite artist♥ Surrealistic Animal Creatures by Marco Mezzoni on…

Movimiento y fluidez

Once upon a time I thought I& animate my character Li performing an original water bending form. Then I got half way through & the key frames and recovered my sanity.

Illustration by Adams Carvalho for the short story 'Seventh' by Abigail Hodge — Popshot Issue Fifteen

Lois van Baarle {figurative art beautiful blue-hair female standing young woman digital painting 2016 #loveart}

Lois van Baarle aka Loish draws gorgeous digital portraits with striking neon glow effects