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Omg the bottom one is legit!!!! 24 years old and I'm still searching for the murderer when I go pee hahahaa

Im still terriefied of the dark hallways I just randomly start running and scream at the top of my lungs until I reach the light switch

OMG I.. THIS... YES!!! I was doing this the other day!!!!!!!!

Bloody hell I saw one of my classmates in Asda the other day and I started behind the shopping trolley so they wouldn't see me

pranks (THESE WOULDVE BEEN AWESOME WHEN I WAS 18!!!! So much pranks wasted ✌️™

Prank trifecta…

Posting this for the Airhorn and Seat prank, and the Party Popper taped to Toilet Seat

It's even worse when you're not even telling a joke, you're just tired and laughing at everything whether it's funny or not

that happened just last night. for 4 and a half minutes I just laughed like a nutcase at my half-told joke, and everyone just stared at me like I was a nutcase.

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I feel like this with some FOB music videos. like Sugar We're Goin Down Swingin, some parts make sense but there are some where I'm like wtf fob?

19 Food Photos That Will Make You Say “What The Actual F**k”

19 Food Photos That Will Make You Say “What The Actual F**k”