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I certainly agree Phil ;)

Nice pretty country girl that cooks and carries her bible. Duck dynast quotes - Phil Robertson so cute standards that I am trying to live up to =)

I LOVE THIS UNCLE SI QUOTE! :) :) :) Yo beard is so fat, not even Dora can explore it!

My favorite Si quote of all time. Besides brain sneeze. Yo beard jokes are so much better than your momma jokes mostly because Uncle Si is saying them

Duck dynasty  Si is my fav character on duck dynasty.  (Phil is pretty close though.)

Thanks to Si, my daughter now calls a brain freeze a "brain sneeze"

Oh, Si!

Whose bright idea was a bean bag gun anyway? Si on Duck Dynasty

Free speech applies to Christians as well...

Ridiculous that he gets kicked off the show for speaking Gods word! I stand with Phil! Duck dynasty is a great tv show and they are wonderful examples of good Christians! He wasn't showing hate he was speaking the truth!

Get this quick from ebay. Si is my role model. Very funny. #duckdynasty #tshirts

I own this Duck Dynasty Si shirt and another one! Si is my favorite :)

Red Neck tip

Redneck tips: Never do a country girl wrong. Even if she doesn't have a gun, her daddy will. So true!


:) he is talking about Willie in this when they go on a "roadtrip" but end up at a trust building camp :)

duck dynasty  | Duck Dynasty - Page 3 - Armchair General and HistoryNet >> The Best ...

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Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, "I'm a low tech man in a high tech world".

I would love this even if it wasn't something Kenny Chesney said....that just makes it a million times better!  <3

I know some Southern girls who only think they're God's gift to the world. There are Southern Belles and then there's Southern trash. =/ If only every Southern girl embodied the spirit of the classic Southern Belle.