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New Cheat Sheet - Alkyne reactions including required reagents, products, and key reaction notes for organic chemistry students


This chart depicts the essential amino acids needed by the body to perform specific functions. These amino acids all hold specific functions that turn out to be helpful to specific parts of the body when put into a specific order by the ribosome.

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Answer key to the flow chart showing the main events and products in cellular respiration.

How to Re-energize Your Cells so you can Recharge Your Life

If you're looking to improve your health and vitality, then examine your cell's mitochondria health. If you re-energize your cells, you'll recharge your life.

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Organic Chemistry for the kind at heart. Well, because, it takes a while to learn it all.

The more stable the negative charge, the better a species can act as a leaving group. Look for the key principles that dictate how stable a negative charge is, and you’ll have a much clearer idea of what makes a good leaving group.