6 x 6 extreme jeep perfect bug out vehicle. you could mash a whole bunch of zombies with this thing!

JEEP MIGHTY F-C (forward control) Crew-Cab - A 2012 Wrangler Rubicon as a platform, Jeep stretched the wheelbase, stuck the cab ahead of the front axle and threw in a drop-side cargo box. Underneath, the Mighty FC uses a set of Mopar eight-lug portal axles, which offer a surprising amount of ground clearance without having to resort to a lift. If you like what you see, the axles are available for a combined price of $23,500. The truck rolls on 40-inch tires, and a King coil-over suspension.

Jeep and Mopar's new Mighty FC concept vehicle is based on the classic Jeep Forward Control.

2012 Wild Boar Jeep Pickup

The Unique 6 Wheeled Custom Jeep Wrangler - Off Road Wheels

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Mystery`Machine in a Jeep FC van

JEEP MIGHTY FC I believe this would sufficiently carry my family anywhere we wanted to go. To bad that Jeep only made this as a concept vehicle.

Unique jeep wrangler  This is the way thay should be

Cargo Racks & Accessories for your Jeep Wrangler

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jeep limo ... would love to have one how much fun could one have with a jeep load of friends..

Limo Jeep is City only!

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Vehicle Gallery at Butler Tires and Wheels in Atlanta, GA

Trecol 39294 6×6. You can keep your Hummer.   I want one of these.

Trecol 39294 6x6 - (SILODROME)

Trecol 39294 Amphibious This will be my zombie apocalypse vehicle

exploreby4x4: “We love this #defender110crewcab a lot - we love them all! What’s not to love? #landrover #landroverphotoalbum @landrover http://ift.tt/2chqtn6 ”

Defender of the dust

Project Rattletrap. BADASS cummin's swapped JK. DROOOOL. I'd kill ...

Cummins Turbo diesel jeep I think yes

Jeep Comanche Pioneer

Jeep Comanche Truck - Holy crap this is terrible looking.

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Check out this big rough and tough Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Willys Jeep

Jeep crazy custom cars Sports Cars Lamborghini Lexus LFA Specs - Luxury Sports Car Insurance for .

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jeep four 6