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Golden Retriever,looks so much like our family dog from years ago, the absolute most lovable dog!

I know that face

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This is Ginger - 11 yrs old. She came into rescue with a few medical problems - she had 2 malignant  mass cell tumors removed & which caused the loss of one of her toes. She also has a lypoma in a joint on her right front leg which restricts lher from long walks & causes sometime limping & needs a forever home with few stairs. She gets along with dogs, cats & kids, is potty trained, has good house manners, rides well in a car. Ginger is a sweet & gentle girl. She is at GRREAT Beginnings VA.

Ginger at 11 years.all heart.You are a Beautiful Golden Retriever!



Having your dog or other pet in the wedding sounds like a perfect way to show he is part of the family. And he can, but it requires careful planning. Sherry Suhosky, a professional pet sitter, gives tips here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sherry-suhosky/wedding-planning_b_1468638.html

Is your dog part of the family? Would you include Fido in your wedding ceremony? I've done ceremonies with ring dogs and flower dogs!

He just got off the Mayflower wink emoticon (Photo by Kevin Doyle)

He just got off the Mayflower (Photo by Kevin Doyle)