Bitte ließ dir das vollständig durch!! :) LOL

Pureblood through and through.

I'm a Pureblood. (And proud of it!) My mom's a Squib. My dad's a Squib. My little sisters a Muggle-Born. My older brother is a Dursley. Most of my friends are Dursley. That is why i am such a Deatheater when i talk to them. I am weird.

Harry Potter Drinking Game (I think this may be happening sometime soon.)

Harry Potter Drinking Game

Harry Potter Drinking Game (Funny but I probably wouldn't do it with alcohol, game would end too quickly)

silly muggle..

Funny pictures about Silly muggle. Oh, and cool pics about Silly muggle. Also, Silly muggle.

Confusing the muggles day, april 1st...WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS!

Confusing the muggles day, april SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS! (Love this, but wish it was a different day than april fools day to confuse them even more)


I'm a Barbie girl used to be a stupid song. It's no longer I'm a Barbie…

McGonagall defending Harry Potter against Umbridge

McGonagall was the queen of sass especially in Order of the Phoenix<<Are you kidding me? McGonagall has ALWAYS been the queen, but not just of sass, she's just THE QUEEN.

I really love this, because it's so true. Sorry J.K. but I do sort of agree that the Slytherins deserved a little more appreciation.

I am SO glad for this post. When I say I was sorted into slytherin, they just go, oh that's the bad house. But no, and so many things in the movies and books about slytherin that I thought were wrong are all pointed out in this post.