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I want this horse!

I always wanted to own a Palomino. This was the horse of my dreams. And know i got a palomino, she is a girl and she is my best friend. And the thing what we to together is Bariller rasising!

.Haflingers have lots of mane and tail feathers

A Beautiful Pony Tail. twist on animal and word Pony Tail from picture.

Haflinger is a breed of horse developed in Austria and northern Italy during the late nineteenth century. They are relatively small, are always chestnut in color, have distinctive gaits described as energetic but smooth, and are well-muscled yet elegant. Haflingers, developed for use in mountainous terrain, are known for their hardiness.

The 21 Best Horse Photos Of All Time

Haflinger - Wintersturm  - by Christiane Slawik

"Haflinger Wintersturm - Christiane Slawik" Picture by Christiane Slawik buy now as poster, art print and greeting card.