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Leader of the Pachyderm Cesar includes Maya in the daily pack walk By April Foley Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center pack isn’t limited to dogs. Regular readers know that he’s also got goats, ducks, a turtle, horse Conquistador, and llama Lorenzo.

Cesar Milan & Daddy - the best bull terrier in the world!

Cesar Millan Pit Bull Daddy, Dies at Age Cesar Millan's beloved pet, Daddy, died peacefully surrounded by family. Daddy lived with the Millans from the age of 4 months. The pit bull was a key fixture in more than 50 episodes of Dog Whisperer and ofte

Cesar millan es el nuevo entrenador de racing

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The difference between cats and dogs

The difference between cats and dogs.this gave me a good laugh. I have a cat and a dog, and this is so true!

César Millán busca crear conciencia en México   http://caracteres.mx/cesar-millan-busca-crear-conciencia-en-mexico/?Pinterest Caracteres+Mx

César Millán busca crear conciencia en México

Hay tres reglas esenciales a la hora de adoptar un perro. ¡Conocelas junto a César Millán! El Líder de la Manada, por Nat Geo. #ÚneteALaManada Mira contenido exclusivo en http://www.foxplay.com/natgeo

Will Cesar be able to calm down out of control Lab Jet and find a family able to keep him in check? Find out on the first episode of "Leader of the Pack," premiering January 5 on NatGeo WILD.

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There's something really amazing to me about watching Cesar Millan at work. I've just recently caught a few episodes. As a dog lover, and a child development person, a lot of what he does seems very intuitive, etc. I kinda envy his job. Okay, enough bla