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Wilhelm Busch

Wilhelm Busch

Saatchi Art Artist: Susanne Boehm; Acrylic 2011 Painting "Backside (SOLD)"

Backside (SOLD)

superheros A= Aquaman, B= Batman, C= Cyclops, D= Daredevil, E= Elektra, F= Flash, G= GreenLantern, H= Hulk, I= IronMan, J= JeanGrey, K= Kilowog, L= Logan, M= MartianManhunter, N= Nightcrawler, O= Oracle, P= PowerGirl, Q= Quicksilver, R= Robin, S= Spiderman, T= Thor, U= UnionJack, V= Vision, W= WonderWoman, X= Professor Xavier, Y= Yellowjacket, Z= Zatanna

Awesome way for kids to learn the alphabet! They had better learn to identify DC vs. Marvel characters in these images, too! This would make a really fun cross-stitch pattern!

“Shades Of White” Madame Germany

Interesting way to photograph Angela: photographer Elizaveta Porodina. Her fashion editorial Shades of White with model Emma,.