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So true. Silent Hill

Driving through fog - Expecting "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign any minute

Silent Hill Fandom.

One of the few times I liked Jack! "Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks 'ooh, this could be a little more sonic'?" "Have you ever been bored? Have you ever had a long night?

Fuck that, between being a Whovian and a SH Fangirl... I AM AFRAID OF ALL THE THINGS.

No, I am afraid of all the things for a couple hours after playing the game.

Silent Hill - "I Confess"

Harry Mason

Harrold "Harry" Mason is the protagonist of the first Silent Hill game and the adoptive father.

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Day Seventeen - Thirty Days of Videogames SILENT HILL - ‘TOLUCA LAKE TOURIST GUIDE’ From Thirty Days of Videogames by A.J. Hateley Prints and Postcards Available HereHell Version - Tomorrow!

Silent Hill inspired “Toluca Lake Resort Guide” featuring lovable mascot, Robbie the Rabbit.

Silent Hill Killer Gas Prices by the-retarded-corgi on DeviantArt

Silent Hill Killer Gas Prices by ~the-retarded-corgi