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***Full view is always better. An old thingy I touched up so I could upload it. Poor guardsman just folded under the pressure Final Moments

Awesome Art, Death

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Post with 1318 votes and 42921 views. Shared by Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realise that you have no right to let them live!

wh40khq:  -njord-:  For some time I’ve considered this piece of art one of the best 40K art I’ve ever seen. I mean, just look at it! O.o (Thanx warhammer-fan-art for posting it) But I’ve never been able to actually figure out or confirm what chapter he is from because i.e. to the lack of insignias. Some people think he’s a buffed up Rogue Trader and other thinks he’s a from a fan-made chapter. I’m leaning to the latter. Anyone of you have solid info? Would be really nice to know ...

Post with 24 votes and 565 views. To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.

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