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[Hetalia: GerIta] Boredom

Italy: Germany: Me Picture taken by Series: Axis Powers: Hetalia Important: This is a costume based on a humorous series that depicts the nations as per.

APH Hetalia Italy & Germany along with~...

Japan, what the hell? And Prussia.>>Japan and his NINJA CLICK xD and poor Awesome prussia he's no AIone T-T) we AII Iove him !:<< Prussia is forever traumatised

Aw hetalia

Photo of Germany / Holy Roman Empire (HRE) and Italy / Chibitalia for fans of Hetalia-Gerita. Some things never change.

Hetalia: dance by *Amapolchen on deviantART  Prussia and Hungary. BECAUSE.

Hetalia: dance by *Amapolchen on deviantART Prussia and Hungary.> I ship AusHun, but this is a beautiful cosplay.

haha. Gotta love that Italy...*cough i cough would do the same as italy cough*

Italy running away yup best cosplay Italy and Germany axis power hetalia cosplay

England, Axis powers Hetalia | Tony - WorldCosplay Interesting styling of the wig!

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