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This is a picture of a Snape being Snapey in a box in a weird pose wearing a mix of muggle and wizard clothing. I bet you can totally see his butt crack. Snape in a box

the half blood prince

““Oh God, oh God, oh God. If he took even one more step backwards he’d run into her, and invisibility cloak or not, she’d be well and truly caught.

tumblr_inline_nydyugNOIw1r7c052_1280.jpg 800×1,200 pixels

tumblr_inline_nydyugNOIw1r7c052_1280.jpg 800×1,200 pixels


“Snape Appreciation Month day Costume Appreciation I know there are a lot of different robe designs around, but while I try to portray Snape as I imagine him to be in the books, I.

The Malfoys    This is hillarious! Nothing more to say to it.    fanart100: teammates by makani.deviantart.com

Headcanon that behind the facade all the Malfoys are just huge fucking nerds