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Kamin & Wein

Kamin & Wein

I'll be back though! I promise!  Edit: I'm back on his route again!

Dont you have no choice but to reset since it does so automatically once you finish a route

I have 3 Black belts  Karate..Muay Thai and Kali                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The Doctrine of the Doers-5 Principles of Achievement

The average person does not earn a Black Belt. Don& be average. Lion& Den Hodges Kenpo Karate, Kerman, CA

This makes a lot of sense! Wish more people knew about this

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts I think there should be an external twin, where two people who aren't related, look alike and their personalities are really similar.


typography: we want the site to be simple yet eye catching. The font, color scheme and every design element will need to flow together. There is Beauty in Simplicity Art Print by BubbyAndBean

When I read this, I don't think of romance, I think of friendship. And the love I feel for my best friend.

Most people search their whole lives to find what we've already found." We've already been told this on more than one occasion! I'm so proud of the love we share and the unbreakable bond we have! I love you baby!

This week, we are so excited to have Angela England as our guest.  Her latest book Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) is geared towards helping people produce more food for themselves in whatever space they have available, and to properly enjoy that bounty can be theirs through the backyard self-sufficiency.

Monday - Backyard Gardening

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less). Awesome book on small scale back yard farming-gardening, raising animals, food preservation and crafts like homemade cheese and spinning wool!

You don't want to...

An academic goal I have to to get at least a GPA at graduation. As the quote says, I don't want to regret my college career. In any sense-no regrets from today forth.

Read the 10 infographics that help pinpoint your sleep problems and solve them fast! Sweet dream tonight :)

10 Infographics That Will Help You Fall Asleep In 10 Minutes Tonight