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[Aishlynn] A nice portrayal for Aishlynn in her formal school uniform nya.

...and that's who I am.

Which don't happen by texting by the way. But I like deep conversations when the person is actually with me. I love a person that can hold a good conversation

if anyone knows me they know this is 10000000000% true for me X3

My face gets SO red! People come up to me and say " your face is REALLY red right now" and it makes me blush even more!

I hate the pressure of societies expectations...

idk wt society expects anymore I might seem like I do but I have no idea wt I'm doing I'm so different >.


Your lucky I'm antisocial

I like the idea but hamburgers and chicken and Chik-fil-a are too yummy.

And That's Who I Am

And that's who I am. Because vegetarian means no more bacon, steak, fried chicken, turkey legs, hamburgers.