yes, but then u became a moron! If I had been rick I would have said no u are insane, and I will not help u 2 be crazy

if only Elena could watch the first 5 seasons on TVD to see how stupid she was to have Ric compel away the fact that she ever loved Damon!

damon salvatore from the vampire diaries throughout the years...he aged very nicely. || ian somerhalder

- i got really confused when i saw 2019 bc its only 2016 but then i remembered the useless and annoying time jump they did <<< TVD didn't even end in 2019 it ended in 2017 tf


I love this quote Ic: Thankyou for appreciate all of you? This is really rushed because i've been arguing with my mum for ages lmao sorry Q:Your favourite ship out of these three? (Your So Beauty Quotes)

Love the smile she flashed at him when she curtsied, so adorable

The Vampire Diaries TVD - Bonnie and Enzo<<They're so cute. (And probably the least complicated couple on the show)