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The website honoring writers and the "Writer's Writer" -- the late Gary Provost -- through his books, DVD writing workshops, and the intensive workshop for aspiring novelists and writers of narrative nonfiction, the WRITERS RETREAT WORKSHOP.

ZOMBIES. I have a story with zombies, I think. This advice probably shouldn't apply there... lol

The Dan O'Brien Project: My Writing Meme of the Week // She was killed [by zombies]. Zombies killed her. // I just learned this and it's brilliant.

I am pretty much sure that Filipinos drive on the left side. Nonetheless, this post is good❤

Pretty mind blowing

Zen Pencils on Gocomics.com

Be persistent and never give up, that is how you win the fight. Not with talent, genius or education, but with pure determination.

Oxford all the way!

Long live the Oxford Comma! I agree!/ No, I disagree completely. If you had toast and orange juice, you don't put a comma after the toast. You use the "and" instead of the comma. I had no idea that commas had names

Pick three for a kickass writing assignment

This makes me wish I taught creative writing.Fun creative writing- characters you need for an epic tale by tom gauld. students choose one, three, ten -- then write!


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