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When MTV was the shit, Beavis and Butthead did America and Hey Arnold!

What your 90s crush says about you. hahaha this is great!!!

What Your 90s Crush Says About You

What your crush says about you.

I got : Teen Angel! Which 90's Teen Superpower Should You Have?

Which 90's Teen Superpower Should You Have?

This is a great list of shows that you watched as a kid/teen but pretty much forgot about. Teen Angel, I think I have a couple of episodes of you on VHS somewhere. woukd love to revisit but i have no VCR!:-( The 33 Best Forgotten Teen Shows Of The

Back to the Future: The Animated Series | 12 Forgotten '90s Saturday Morning Cartoons

12 Forgotten '90s Saturday Morning Cartoons

Weinerville---Nickelodeon Weinerville is an American television program on Nickelodeon that was produced in 1993 and 1994, aired in re-runs until 1997. The show was based around a giant puppet stage which was designed to look like a city, called Weinerville

'Wienerville' kids tv show - I loved this! Pretty risque for the time lol