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Writing good thank-you notes

A child who can write a nice thank-you note can turn into a cocaine dealer five years later and be remembered as the child who wrote nice thank-you notes.

Seriously I wish everyone understood this. We shouldn't force ourselves into all these boxes. Isn't it crazy that stuff like this even matters? Like. Why?

well, it was great until the 'one of the genders is seen as inherently inferior' part

CC: OH MY GOD I WOULD LOVE MY ROMANCE TO HAPPEN THIS WAY this is so beautiful ship ship ship

There is no way in hell I could stand meeting someone who read my fanfics

Why our numbers are the way they are.

16 Tumblr Posts For When You Need A Quick Break


Hilarious Reasons Why The English Language Is The Worst <<< haha! As a native English speaker I had no idea about this list but it makes sense now. I would hate to have to learn English if it wasn't my first language!

This seems like something fun to know.

So things DO rhyme with orange, purple, circle and silver Ooohhhh My English Teacher has explaining to do!

OP: I'll find you again and next time I'll get it right. Me: I'll find you again and next time I'll run like all the demons in hell are after me before you have another chance to eviscerate me.

Funny pictures about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Oh, and cool pics about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Also, Soulmates Explained Scientifically photos.

Not a native speaker but honestly I still find English really damn easy xD