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Your Obedient Servant: Alexander im tired of ur shit do u wanna fight or no

Reason #256 why I love Dear Theodosia,  from roselukas on tumblr

Hamilton, grand duck of one-up <<< duck? sounds like when we were doing Twelfth Night in English and I kept writing 'the duck Orsino' <<< don't bring your Shakespeare into my Hamlton<<< why cant we b friends <<< What

I ship Them Waaaay to hard XD

I ship Them Waaaay to hard XD>>>>i have a problem legit every fanfic ive read on a webiste is lams and im even freaking writing a 25 cHAPTER STORY

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27 Times The "Hamilton" Fandom Had Jokes

So many amazing Hamilton jokes.

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Part 3 "Jefferson, you fabulous bitch" is my fav


accurate, 'cept she wrote the general a month maybe this was pre-cannons stolen downtown? or poppa Washington had more stuff for his right hand man to do idk

I misread this and thought it said my favorite things the Hamilton characters have ever said and I was so confused

I misread this and thought it said my favorite things the Hamilton characters have ever said and I was so confused<<that last one was uncalled for

Eliza is a freaking superhero

Not only that it was the second person she lost to a duel like give this woman a break damn

"The Room Where It Happens" is definitely one of the most underrated songs on the soundtrack. When people refer to Hamilton as a masterpiece, that's the first song I think of.

I always thought that it was when Burr finally realizes what he wants

In case you were curious^_^

Less than 100 lines (Philip) and a bit more than 150 lines (John Laurens) and I fell so deeply in love with Anthony Ramos

Hamilton lyrics

actual lines from this actual broadway play


Alex has literally zero chill left in act 2

I love the fact that they're all really long words and then you have peach fuzz (and he can't even grow it!)

Lin-Manuel Miranda: writer of tony award winning musicals, adorable little cinnamon roll, and genius.

John Laurens, Cinnamon Roll (@gay.laurens) | Instagram photos and videos

Phillip "Blow us all away" Hamilton — well maybe a bit

Part Hamilton songs.

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