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This Homeless Man And His Best Friend Did Life Together Until That Day

This Homeless Man And His Best Friend Did Life Together Until That Day

Wanna Know Why Dogs and People Are Best Friends ? We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but have you ever wondered what’s the actual reason behind this? Don’t worry: scientists have already found the answer.


A picture is worth a thousand words. - what i love about this is that the kitten didn't see the man the way many people usually do, he only saw "friend" and loved him

Sleeping with my best friend in Miami Children's Hospital - the healing power of love in action.

THERAPY DOGS-- love I love it when pets are allowed to visit! Its amazing to see people light up when their pets visit

Way too adorable!

www. Baby girl in special crown love this! - your best friend's room Great Pyrenees + a child = best friends forever.

Unconditional love: a dog doesn't care how much or little you have; they just want you.

if one day you lose everything, that day you will know how many real friends you have. /// I believe America needs to help its homeless people and animals! /// So very true!

Dog, Hamster And Birds Are Best Friends

Unlikely Friends Love To Keep Each Other Company

Dog, Hamster And Birds Are Best Friends How could I NOT pin this? I want this dog, that hamster and all those birds just because they love each other.

As I look for pins of kindness it seems there are more of human + animal acts of kindness than human + human....just a thought. WOB

Dog is man's best friend. Man is dog's bestfriend.I would carry mine for days if I had too!

.My dogs have always known when I'm sick or my cancer was growing!

Awww Sweet German Shepherd ❤ We miss Zack .rescued him from a breeder that was going to KILL him because he was the wrong color - LIVER - which is a red german shepard and not considered a registered breed. Loved him and he loved us.