Filming for the show& third season wrapped Sunday, but it remains to be seen if Sherlock fans will be able to survive until it airs.

10 Awful Things Made Awesome By Adding Benedict Cumberbatch

10 Awful Things Made Awesome By Adding Benedict Cumberbatch

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Pretty Things & Monsters (IOU Explanation – – Grimm’s Fairy Tales Cipher) the crackpot theory

I want this.

sallydonovan: “ Sherlock as a sitcom (requested by sherlockkun) It’s Britain’s favourite odd couple (“We’re not a couple!”) in an all-new sitcom this fall season!

"He's clueing for looks"

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson drunk and playing 20 questions in BBC Sherlock Season 3 Episode 2 The Sign of Three

The fact that Twilight is sharing breathing space with Sherlock makes me almost sick, but the point is valid.

I love Sherlock Holmes in any form! The movies with Robert Downey Jr., TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch, or books by Arthur Conan Doyle!

fandom, you okay? obviously not.<<<I'm not okay, you wear me out

16 of the funniest Sherlock fandom moments in gifs

mrsherlockbenedictjohnlockaddict: “ I cant even … This fucking fandom my god, this is what the Hiatus does to us, we will edit everything we can get… e.g Dancing Sherlock cast. god i Love this fandom.