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Theory of Fantastic Beasts Locations part 2 <<but the last one also has the potential to be in Switzerland though (apparently) so it could be the last one

Thanks Newt!

I agree. The first time I watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Newt immediately reminded me of Arthur Weasley. I think both fascination are on a pretty even level of intensity.

According to Pottermore I'm on Horned Serpent. Clearly I have a thing with snakes. Defined by what I think? Yeah I like that.

Please don't compare Hogwarts houses to Ilvermorny houses. Rowling gave us new houses to embrace and learn about and if we're comparing them to Hogwarts it'll defeat the purpose of learning about a new Wizarding school <<<<<<< I'm Horned Serpent


Which leaves Harry…well, on his own. It’s lonely work saving the entire wizarding community, but somebody’s got to do it.

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Fantastic Beasts and percy jackson could have a crossover . Frank can morph into different animals . Headcanon that frank the thunderbird is frank zhang . Only think fantastic beats is set in 1926


Of course, but he also had James's genes for Quidditch, and they had about the same height and build in fifth year, meaning the malnourishment took him only so far. We are all a combination of nature and nurture.

Heh. I could see myself doing this. (I swear I'm a Hufflepuff. It's harmless and I would make sure no one would have an adverse reaction to anything) ~TW 12/16

(I swear I'm a Hufflepuff. It's harmless and I would make sure no one would have an adverse reaction to anything)<<< definitely Hufflepuff

in the books it was clearly stated that it was stupefy... i dont know what the veil symbolizes in terms of sirus because thered be a lot of poetic justice in shoving other characters in but with sirius his existence was simply too convenient and by killing him off was really just a drama point

I want a fanfiction where Sirius is trapped in the afterlife but is not dead. Like, he's with James, Lily, and eventually Remus and they have to try to get him back on earth<< or he's trapped with Rose

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

I have a niffler on my desk UPSTAIRS and things keep going missing DOWNSTAIRS. My dad blames it on my niffler