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Doctor Who figurine vinyle Dynamix 10th Doctor BIG Chief Studios

Doctor Who figurine vinyle Dynamix Doctor BIG Chief Studios

this pretty much made my day. I hope a guy feels the same way about me one day. That'd be awesome.

"I love how they never ever had Donna and Ten romantically interested in each other. Rose is Ten's girl, and Donna is the best friend. It's just how it's supposed to be." I love Donna for what she bought for the Doctor.

*explosions of happiness and sadness*

forever and ever, this. Love them sigh doctor and rose

The 9th Doctor and Rose- She loved him before he was 10

Whovian confession: I like Nine & Rose better than Ten & Rose.

Doctor Who number 10

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who, by James Hance. James Hance has just completed the series of all 11 Doctors.

From the Timelord's archive.. The 50th Anniversary of the Doctor and his companions traveling through time and space.

art doctor who the doctor David Tennant ten Tenth Doctor regeneration I didn't even realize that was a drawing at first.

Wonder what time they were in this time?

tourmalinetardis: “The Final Exploits of the Archaeologist and Damsel AU where River and the Doctor spend their 24 year long “last night” popping in and out of history. It is a time machine.