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A pet is forever.

Unless you are willing to have a forever dog, dont get one. My forever dog is snoring in my bed right now :)

This perfection of a mustached puppy. | 31 Things To Warm Your Heart On This Cold Day

31 Things To Warm Your Heart On This Cold Day

Corgi cuteness

Corgi cuteness

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There are few things in life happier than a happy dog. It doesn't matter if it's because they hear you pull into the driveway after work or if they find something particularly smelly to roll around on in the backyard; if a dog is happy you are going to know about it. You can see them just vibrate with pure unfiltered joy, as if they can't believe that life can be this good. Thanks to the ubiquity of cameras and the internet, there are scores of videos of supremely happy canines just waiting…

8 of the happiest dogs in the world

Want to make a dog smile? A favorite returning soldier or college student, a water slide, or a squeaky toy might do the trick.

A little bit of light reading ... | Things Your Pets Do While You're Away

Things Your Pets Do While You're Away


Guilty, but who can handle all this cuteness? Even adult dogs can be cute Ok, I’m guilty. And I don’t care.


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I love the bouncy happy puppy! I want a bouncy happy puppy! so cute!


Stuff my pets ruined. the link has tons of photos of pet havoc.

Pet shaming. Some of these are absolutely hysterical!

Best funny quotes of the week, Top 30

Funny Dog Shaming - notice how you never see any cat shaming. This is clearly bc they're not as dumb as dogs.>>>>actually I have seen cat shaming