Inspiring Concept Art by Eve Ventrue (Legend of the Cryptids) - This artist is amazing and so understanding of what you want out of a drawing.

[Fantasy] - [digitalart/paintings/fantasy] - Character Design: Cawen the Caletmore Witch - by: theDURRRRIAN

[Fantasy] - [digitalart/paintings/fantasy] - Character Design: Cawen the Caletmore Witch - by: theDURRRRIAN

been pretty busy these past weeks so here's something i did to test out some new techniques as well as a possible series of paintings consisting of a bunch of characters i created for a small story...

I'm Still Alive! by theDURRRRIAN on DeviantArt - Wonderful foreground and background techniques and fantastic character emotion. This image speaks volumes regarding the confidence of this warrior in what appears to be a no-win situation.


- Warrior Woman - A ranger/frontierswoman. Everything here, from the braid to the rough crossbow to the oiled leathers and fur-lined clothes ties together to emphasize the woman's ruggedness and utilitarian nature.

meanwhilebackinthedungeon:  — David Ogilvie Forwardguard

Freida Kadhif, a warrior from Orikkal. She fought for her homeland when the dragons came. She hates dragons and all Marzdulians for using her home as a battle ground. Forwardguard by ogilvie on deviantART. A warrior woman mage.