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Today I learned...

Today I learned…

Why is Bluetooth called BluetoothThis is king harald bluetooth gormsson of denmark and norway. His nickname allegedly comes from the extreme amount of blueberries he ate.

Medieval Viking Church in Oslo, Norway.

Medieval Viking Church in Oslo, Norway. I just love this carving style. It would be awesome to have all over our house.

This is an illustration inspired by the character mitology HervÖr she is an warrior skjaldmo. Vikings!! You read my little tale of this fantastic valkirye in spanish: HervÖr hija de Angantyr, ...

Vikings: Hervor was the daughter of the Angantyr. Because he died before her birth, Hervor grew up as a slave. She fought with a Viking clan, but when she learned who her father was, Hervor set out to inherit his magic sword, Tyrfing.

Viking / Norse worda uswd in wveryday English geography

And now for a bit of language history. The Vikings settle down - Explore Viking settlement and place names with this activity.

Viking Fort

Viking fortress in Trelleborg Sweden - winter, viking, fortress, trelleborg, sweden.

Wall | VK

The Vikings approach to the peoples they encountered was brutally pragmatic; if those people were strong and well-organized, the Vikings traded peacefully with them. If they were weak and disorganized, the Vikings raided them and invaded them.

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