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..Put a tiger in your tank...~my Dad pumped gas at an Esso station

Tiger in your Tank. The gas station gave you a stuffed tiger tail that tied to your gas tank cap.looked like you had a tiger IN your tank!

Our Gang

I loved Our Gang/ The Little Rascals - especially the earlier ones when Spanky was still a toddler - Stymie :)

Kids these days will never know what we went through! Come share the memories with us at -> @[143918405676531:274:Dusty Old Thing]

changing channels--oh, so true!we only had 3 channels. plus had to get up to change channels. plus only black and white tv

1960s S and H Green Stamps Booklet for Collage, Altered Art, Mixed Media

I remember licking stamps for my mom and going to the green stamp store