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A 5-page article on our first ancestor into Australia on the Grierson side (Frederick John Wissing, born Johann Theodor Wissing -Denmak)
John Closterman | Portret van Grinling Gibbons en zijn vrouw, John Closterman, Willem Wissing, 1670 - 1711 | Portret van Grinling Gibbons (1648-1720) en zijn vrouw; zittende halffiguren, slechts gedeeltelijk uitgevoerd.
John Cutts, 1st Baron Cutts (1661-1707) by William Wissing
John Smith | William Wissing, John Smith, Willem Wissing, 1662 - 1742 |
John, later 6th Earl of Exeter, when a boy, (1674-1721) by William Wissing…
Henrietta Scott (née Hyde), Countess of Dalkeith; Mary Seymour-Conway (née Hyde), Lady Conway    by John Smith, published by Edward Cooper, after William Wissing  mezzotint, 1685
pallet side tables. @Jodi Erickson this could be fun to make for next to your chair.
En grisaille and enamel dinner plate with John Cecil, Lord Burghley (1674-1721) later the 6th Earl of Exeter, after a portrait by William Wissing, Qianlong period (1736-95) c.17
Douglas Wissing has been writing about Indiana for years, and in this book he has gathered essays that look at our state from a host of different angles. Where in Indiana can you get a bowl of authentic (if illegal) turtle soup? When and where was John Dillinger buried?  Where was Comedian Red Skelton born? How long has Shapiro’s deli been downtown? Wissing answers most of these questions—he’s a bit secretive about the turtle soup—in winning, sometimes affectionate, sometimes heated essays.
1691 Frances Coningsby (née Jones), Lady Coningsby Lady Catherine Jones by John Smith, published by Edward Cooper, after Jan van der Vaart, after William Wissing
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John Smith | Portret van Willem III, prins van Oranje, John Smith, Edward Cooper, 1688 - c. 1725 | Portret van Willem III in een ovaal. In de ondermarge zijn naam en titels.
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