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The golden ratio

In geometry, a "Golden Spiral" is a logarithmic spiral whose growth factor b is related to j, the golden ratio. Specifically, a golden spiral gets wider (or further from its origin) by a factor of j for every quarter turn it makes.

The Fibonacci Spiral: This is what one would use in laying out a web page based on the Golden Ratio! #Fibonacci #Spiral

Hi Guys, Would you know how to create a Fibonacci sequence of spiralling squares using GH? I have tried to use the fibonacci component available on GH to dra…

Fibonacci number - I would like to design a hosta garden based on this layout.  The pattern would only be apparent from the upstairs bedroom window.  The golden spiral would be completed using white hosta and each circle would be filled with one other contrasting specimen.  The smaller circles would be raised higher than the next graduation below it.

Fibonacci number - I would like to design a hosta garden based on this layout…

Making Art with the Golden Ratio

News: Making Art with the Golden Ratio

Since I'm a math major! Making Art with the Golden Ratio - nice! And it's entitled "math craft" !

Golden ratio - Fibonacci

What is the Golden Ratio?

The Fibonacci spiral: an approximation of the golden spiral created by drawing circular arcs connecting the opposite corners of squares in the Fibonacci tiling;

TV Identity for an Amsterdam based local TV channel.

golden mean ratio pentagon Salto - TV Identity by Jeroen Krielaars, via Behance

Resultado de imagen para compás de proporción aurea y el valor Phi

Golden Ratio - The mathematical formula that basically explains everything!

Image from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b9/Golden_triangle_and_Fibonacci_spiral.svg/291px-Golden_triangle_and_Fibonacci_spiral.svg.png.

Golden triangle and Fibonacci spiral - Golden triangle (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Art Of Animation

The Golden Ratio by Michal Urbanski, via Behance. Like the golden spiral of nature, we grow by experiencing resistance and overcoming obstacles.