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Solidarity with women's struggles all over the world. Happy international women's day to every single woman out there. keep fighting for your rights.

We march around the globe to lend our voices to hope, to change, and to our rights. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Share this image in support of making it known that women's rights are human rights.

the-uncensored-she: "And believe or not we are capable of accomplishing this without running around naked, insulting people’s religion and culture and without providing masturbation fodder for male onlookers and the media.

5 Great Nonprofit Infographics to Learn From

Health, clean drinking water, sanitation, and education are just a few of the issues that need improving for women and their families.

My body isnt obscene

10 things men find unattractive in women This is a image to show that women are as normal as men. HER BODY, HER RULES

Women in Agriculture

RT Himebrook Vogelsang: Women Perform of work Produce of food Earn of income Own of property