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US World War II propaganda at it's finest!  I think I'm going to order a print of this, frame it, and put it up in my future child's room!

World War II poster: He’s Watching You, by Glenn Grohe, ca. 1942 Looks like Darth Vader

"In Germany..."  British WW 2 Propaganda

19 Incredible British Propaganda Posters From World War Two

WW II  German poster depicts a skeleton - Death - hurling bombs from a British bomber with the caption 'Der Feind sieht dein Licht - Verdunkeln!' ('The enemy sees your light - blackout!), circa 1943-45. Poster by Sander-Herweg.16

World War 2: Black-out picture gallery

A German poster from World War II depicts a skeleton hurling bombs from an Allied aircraft with the caption 'Der Feind sieht dein Licht - Verdunkeln!' ('The enemy sees your light - blackout!', circa Poster by Sander-Herweg.


David Alexander “Alex” Colville (Born: August 1920 in Toronto, Ontario; Died: July 2013 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia). Wartime Information Board, Contributor: Alex Colville) (Digitization of Poster at: Toronto Reference Library, Baldwin Room)

MoMA | The Collection | Ludwig Hohlwein (German, 1874–1949)

[German Nazi Propaganda Poster] - Illustration and Graphic by Ludwig Hohlwein - Germany).


Avenge Pearl Harbor - WWII poster The attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point for American involvement of WWII. Because of that, television, film, and literature were all directed towards the war.

Mit unsern Fahnen ist der Sieg

" The caption of this 1940 German propaganda poster translates: “Victory is with our Flags!” copies were distributed.