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Gerade festgestellt, dass Frodo und Legolas in der gesamten Herr der Ringe Triologie niemals ein Gespräch führen. Legolas sagt "und meinen Bogen" zu Frodo und das wars.

I noticed this. It made me feel weird. And Gimli. At least Gimli interacted with the hobbits in general but Legolas never had interaction with hardly anyone outside of Aragorn and Gimli.


Love the thought of Gandalf as a teacher out on a field trip with the dwarves and Bilbo!


LOL- we need to reclaim erebor and defeat Smaug- Baggins- we need to destroy the one ring and rid middle earth of evil - BAGGINS. I need someone to host a delectable meal for me and my dwarf friends - BAAGGGINNNNSSS

Smart-alec Legolas

Legolas is always hilarious, in the books and the movies. But you have to give the credit to Tolkien; LotR and The Hobbit are hilarious books if you think about it.

The infamous egg toss was real. That is awesome :)

The infamous egg toss was real. That is awesome and I always knew it was real too because of how genuine everyone's reaction was!

Mithril was supposed to be nice and happy and now you can find me crying in a corner so thanks for that

DId Bilbo ever know that the Mithril saved Frodo? That Thorin saved Bilbo's nephew while being unable to save his own?

Legolas in battle vs. everyone else, lotr

if you look at elven/fairy lore, they can use glamours to hide their appearance. This is obviously what Thranduil did to hide his scars, and probably why Legolas appears to be flawless during battle

The Silmarillion fandom is relatively small and obscure but when we show up to the comments section, you know it's getting real.

We have always been here, just lurking in the shadows. We just wait for the right time to appear<<<<<<No such thing as the Silmarillion fandom ; We are the Tolkien fandom